K7ES Series Electrical Sleeve Tunnel

K7ES Series is designed to meet the demands of a wide range of customers in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, paint, printing, automotive and other industries. It is used for packaging products made of various materials such as plastic, glass and metal.


Products with labels placed in the shrink tunnel. With the temperature inside the tunnel, the labels firmly surround the product and take the form of the product. The resulting packaging adds a good image to the product.


✓Easy changeable stainless bar resistance system

✓Silicone curtains at the entrance and exit of the tunnel

✓ Minimal heat loss with excellent insulation

✓Adjustable tunnel conveyor speed

✓Adjustable tunnel temperature.

✓ Wheels with brake to facilitate transport.

✓Easy installation and simple operation.

✓ Long service life.

✓CE standard.

✓ 2 years warranty except for wearable parts.

✓ 5 Year spare parts supply guarantee.

Technical Features

Model K7-ES 60/40 K7-ES 80/40
Max ürün ölçüleri (boy x en x yükseklik) 500x300x250 mm 500x500x250 mm
Tünel Ölçüleri (boy x en) 1000×600 mm 1200×800 mm
 Tünel yüksekliği  400 mm  400 mm
Giriş konveyor ölçüleri (boy x en) 500×600 mm 700x800mm
Çıkış konveyor ölçüleri (boy x en) 500×600 mm 700x800mm
Güç kaynağı 380V.3Faz.50/60Hz 380V.3Faz.50/60Hz
Kurulu güç 14 kw 15 kw
Ağırlık 300 kg 350 kg

Electrical Sleeve Tunnel


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