K6SI Series Shrink Heat Tunnel

K6 Shrink Heat Tunnel is manufactured by Özçağdaş Makina for food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, medical, paint, printing, automotive, hardware etc. Developed to meet the demand of sectors.


The products placed in the shrink film are given to the heat tunnel by the operator. With the temperature inside the tunnel, the film (PE / POF / PVC) tightly surrounds the product and the cooling film at the tunnel exit takes the form of the product. The resulting packaging provides a good appearance to the product, as well as protecting the product from abrasion, friction, scratches and dust during storage and transportation.


✓Easy changeable stainless bar resistance system

✓Silicone curtains at the entrance and exit of the tunnel

✓ Minimal heat loss with excellent insulation

✓Adjustable tunnel conveyor speed

✓Adjustable tunnel temperature.

✓ Wheels with brake to facilitate transport.

✓Easy installation and simple operation.

✓ Long service life.

✓CE standard.

Technical Features

Type of Machine  K6 Semi Automatic
Interior Dimensions of Tunnel  700 x 400 mm.
Length of Tunnel  1500 mm.
Width of Tunnel  1000 mm.
Height of Tunnel  400 mm
Total Length  4300 mm.
Maximum Packaging Dimensions
Height  300 mm.
Width  700 mm.
Power Supply  380 V – 3 Ph, 50-60 Hz.
Heating Power  16 kw
Average Power  8 kw
Total Power  16 kw
Motor Power of Carrier Band  1/3 hp
Sealing Tunnel Heat Adjustment  50-250°C
Shrink Film To Be Used  PE / Poliethylene
Maximum Film Thickness  120 Mikron
Production Capacity  4-6-8 Pcs.
Weight of Machine  650-750 kgs.

Shrink Heat Tunnel

Shrink Heat Tunnel


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