K5M Series Manual Shrink Packaging Machine

K5 Series is designed for packaging various products with polyolefin (POF) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film. Plastic packaging is required; food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, medicine, paint, printing press, automotive, hardware etc. places available


Cutting-gluing and shrinking in one operation. The operator places the products between the two-layer shrink film and then manually transfers the products to the cutting area. The lid is closed to start the process. The cover is kept closed with an electronic magnet during the cutting-bonding and shrink process. After the process is completed, the cover opens automatically.


✓Single-cutting, gluing and shrinking feature

✓Stainless resistance and resistance room

✓Time adjustable magnetic lock

✓ Height-adjustable basket for different products

✓ Height adjustable product table for different product sizes

✓ Automatic opening door after shrink operation is completed

✓Adjustable shrink time

✓Adjustable shrink temperature

✓Adjustable cutting time

✓Lockable wheels

✓Easy and fast film change

✓Easy installation and simple operation

✓Long life

✓CE standard.

✓ 2 years warranty except for wearable parts.

✓ 5 Year spare parts supply guarantee.

Technical Features

 MODEL    K5-45/60    K5-45/70
   Maximum Cutting Size (mm)    540 x 390    690 x 490
   Maximum Packet Size (mm)    500 x

380 x


   650 x

450 x


   Maximum Film Roll    D.250 X 500    D.250 X 550
   Capacity (Piece. / Minute.)    5/6    5/6
   Power (kW)    3,5    4,5
   Elektric (V)    220V 50Hz    220V 50Hz
   Machine Dimensions / L x W x H (mm)
   1350 x

900 x


(Closed Cover)


(Open Cover)


x 950 x


(Closed Cover)


(Open Cover)

Shrink Packaging Machine

Shrink Packaging Machine


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