K2PE-FG Front Grouping Full Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

The feature-rich line of K2OG Series has been manufactured to meet the increasing demand for shrink packed products. A various products can be packed in this machine such as;  waters, juices,  wines, canned, medical, chemical, cosmetic products etc. Machine has an automatic controlled feeding system and easily integrate into production lines for fully automatic packaging operations


After completion of filling capping and labeling, products are being fed automatically to multi channels and colleting in a sealing area. Sealing bar cuts and seals the film. After this with conveyor discharge belt the product is take into the tunnel. The polyethylene (PE) film tightly wraps product with temperature inside the tunnel.

Polyethylene film, which is cooled by fan at the tunnel exit, besides provides a good image to the product, protects the product and provides ease of transportation, stocking and distribution to the consumer.


✓Easy to integrate into production lines directly

✓Adjustment of electric and pneumatic, through a easy to use touch screen operator panel.

✓Adjustment of product length, cutting-sealing speed, etc. from touch screen.

✓Ability to read instant realized capacity by counter

✓Top and bottom motorized film drive mechanism.

✓Detection sensor against package or hand entrapment.

✓cutting-sealing with seramic coated sealing bar.

✓Easy and fast film exchange.

✓Cooling fan at the tunnel exit.

✓Easily replaceable resistance system.

✓Digital temperature controller system.

✓Easily portable wheels with brakes..

✓CE certified

✓ 2 years warranty except wearable parts

✓5 Years spare parts supplier.

Technical Features

Model K2OG 70/50 K2OG 90/50
Max product dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 500x500x350 500x700x350
Production capacity (pack/h) 600-840 600-840
Sealing bar lenght (mm) 700 900
Power supply 380V–3Faz 50–60Hz 380V–3Faz 50–60Hz
Installed power (including tunnel) 22 kw  26 kw
Operating pressure (bar) 6-8 bar 6-8 bar
Air consumption amount 60 lt 85 lt
Film type PE PE
Film thickness (micron) 30-150 30-150
Tunnel inside dimensions (WxH) (mm) 700×500 900×500
External dimensions (including tunnel) (LxWxH) (mm) 6000x1250x2100 6000x1450x2100
Weight 800kg 900kg

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine


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