K2PE-F Series Full Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

K2PE-F Series has a pneumatic pusher mechanism that widely uses for various groups of products with or without tray.

It has been developed by Özçağdaş Makina to serve the demand of the sectors, such as food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, medical, paint, printing press, automotive, hardware etc.


The operator manually inserts products into plate of pneumatic pusher. The cutting and sealing operation is done automatically or manually. Through discharge belt the product is transferred to the shrink tunnel.

The polyethylene (PE) film tightly wraps product with temperature inside the tunnel. Polyethylene film, which is cooled by fan at the tunnel exit, besides provides a good image to the product, protects the product and provides ease of transportation, stocking and distribution to the consumer


✓Easy to integrate into production lines directly

✓Adjustment of electric and pneumatic, through a easy to use touch screen operator panel.

✓Adjustment of product length, cutting-sealing speed, etc. from touch screen.

✓Ability to read instant realized capacity by counter

✓Top and bottom motorized film drive mechanism.

✓Detection sensor against package or hand entrapment.

✓cutting-sealing with seramic coated sealing bar.

✓Easily adjustable pusher plate for various product sizes.

✓Holder to keep the package steady during sealing by soft vertical piston.

✓ Pneumatic pusher mechanism

✓Easy and fast film exchange.

✓Cooling fan at the tunnel exit.

✓Easily replaceable resistance system.

✓Digital temperature controller system.

✓Easily portable wheels with brakes..

✓CE certified

✓ 2 years warranty except wearable parts

✓5 Years spare parts supplier.

Technical Features

Sealing Unit Length  700 mm.
Band Heights  85+5cm.(87,5cm. Other Bands) Belt Thickness: 3 mm.
Total Machine Length  6000 mm.
Coil Opener  1+1 Nylon
The film opening unit automatically on the top and bottom with engine control
Cutting and sealing stage adjustable from the button
Speed Control (Min-Max, m/dak)  15 m/min. Adjustable
Working Pressure (Atü)  8 Bar
Electric Supply  380 V – 3 Faz 50 – 60 Hz.
Electric Power (Kw)  25 Kw
Sealing System  Teflon-Coated Hot Mouth
   Heaters are in the side divisions of the tunnel
Oven (Tunnel) Temperature Setting Programmable Digital Termostat Control
The Number and Diameter of Turbo Fan Inside The Oven 1 Fan – 40 ø
The Transport System Inside The Oven 10 Silicon Rods
Number of Cooling Fan 1 pcs.
Electrical Control Equipment ENDA, LG or SIEMENS
Control System Automation ENDA
Thermal Insulation Stone Wool (IZOCAM)
Machine Protection Yes
Emergencyl Stop Switch Yes
Pneumatic System Yes
PLC Touchscreen Yes
Aluminium Cutting and Sealing Mouth Yes
Easily Replaceable Resistance System Yes
Pack Counter Yes
Production Capacity 8 -10-12 Pack/min. (Changeable According to Product)
Thermostat-Controlled Tunnel Temperature Yes
Adjustable Conveyor Speed Yes
Pneumatic System: ÖZÇAĞDAŞ

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine


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