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Shrink Wrapping Machine

To meet all your needs for packaging industry from small jobs to large projects, we have been producing various types of shrink wrapping machines. The shrink wrap machines are superior in performance, high in production efficiency. We provide the most suitable, most functional and safest products to increase the productivity and quality of your daily work.

Our shrink wrapping machines are used for packaging various products of shapes and sizes. Products that are packaged with shrink wrapping are also quite durable and light in comparison to other packaging methods so it provides convenience in terms of usage and transport. We also aim to help speed up your packaging process, reduce your cost, and maximize your storage space.

Our various shrink wrapping machines that from simple machines manually operated through to high-capacity fully automated machines represent us in both national and international markets. We are always by your side to help find the right solutions when selecting the appropriate products for your production speed and budget.


Perfection is not Özçağdaş is goal, it is passion. Quality is never compromised on every machine produced by Özçağdaş machine since 2003, always aiming to achieve the greatest and has been coming to the forefront as a brand that takes the principle of perfection in all stages from production to after-sales service with its customer-focused approach.

Özçağdaş is adventure of production, which started in the 2003 years, is continuing to grow steadily by producing more quality and technological with expert staff in present.